• Gilgamesh

    The Gilgamesh duo perform the epic adventures of the Sumerian king, Gilgamesh by combining stories into songs with Karelian poems and a traditional Persian instrument, tanbour.

  • BaranBand

    BaranBands music consist own compositions and new arrangements of old traditional Persian and kurdish compositions.

  • MA Rouf

    The roots of MA Rouf’s music are in Middle Eastern tradition, which the band fertilizes with Afro-centric and Scandinavian jazz influences.

    MA Rouf
  • Me Jam Festival

    Middle East Jam Festival is a music and dance festival that is focused on the MENA area folkloric traditions as well as modern compositions.

    Me Jam Festival


KordAva Production

KordAva Production represents selected artists and organises events, focusing on Middle Eastern and North African music and culture. We are based in Helsinki, Finland.

Our artists and bands